Poodle is known for its exceptional kindness and smarts. This is why I fell in love with the breed 20 years ago, once and forever. Poodle is the reason I learned grooming and handling, and became a veterinarian.

Let my memory take you on a tour back to August 1988, when it all started. After a summer break I returned back home from a trip and discovered... a DOG. I could not believe my eyes. My mom always used to say "We are never ever going to have a dog in my home". I was 13 at that time and I wanted badly to have a poodle, a black miniature poodle. And then as I stepped inside my apartment, I saw my dream come true. I was taken by such a surprise that I could not make a breath. My dream puppy was already 4 months old, dirty, heavily matted and shy, recovering after a pneumonia. My parents didn't know anything about caring for dogs and left her drying after a bath next to an open window... This is how she caught pneumonia, a case well described in veterinary books (which I learned later).

I've learned a lot since that time, but being a 13 year old girl what did I know about poodles? The director of the poodle section of our kennel club was on a leave, so I headed straight to the library. Thankfully, just in 1988 a book "Poodle" by Annemarie Wolf-Talbot was translated into Russian. I spent a week at the library (they would not let me take such a rare book home to read), practically copying the entire edition into my note book with a pen. It became my first teacher.

Next, I took tailoring scissors we had at home and using the scheme of the "Modern" clip (which I copied from the Wolf-Talbot's book), I trimmed my dog for the first time. The trim looked terrible, but at that time I thought that my Dusenka was incomparable. Later we invited groomers from the club who helped us prepare her for conformation shows. Competition was very tough those days with 10-15 dogs in a class and we always ended up being in the first five, but never number one. And I wanted to win so badly!

Later I gained a lot of experience, we bred her and raised her puppies, showed her again and still were among the winners but never THE winner, so I took grooming classes, finished school and went to agricultural college to study veterinary, wher I groomed many peoples' dogs and taught them to care for dogs' hair.  Only after that, when my beauty was 7 years old and won the Veterans' class, I felt the real VICTORY! It took Dzhejf-Dzhudi (her official name) and me 7 long years. Then our family decided to breed her for the very last time to a son of FAVORIT p.d. Pudelhoh, who was extremely popular all over the country. His son's name was Rover Perres and he was bred locally. We wanted to keep one of the puppies. In January 1995 a wonderful litter of 2 boys and 2 girls was born. At that time RKF was just being organized and for the first time we could use prefix/suffix names of our own - our
puppies' names had the suffix "IZ YANTARNOJ STRANY" (meaning "FROM AMBER COUNTRY").

In 1998 with my initiative and financial support,  a litter of 7 poodles was born from Int CH, CH.LT, LAT, EST, BEL, POL,RUS, CE, Baltii Veralin’s L – Maverick. When they grew up, I had a pick of the litter. Her name is Cleopatra (Klepa at home) and she is now a 10 y.o. Russian CH, ANCOR CH and CH RFLS. In October 2000 I bred her to Veris and kept her daughter Kiares Kenigsbergsij Kapriz (Kira or Kirusha at home), who is also a Russian CH. That same year I lost my BEST and MOST LOVED dog, my Dzhejf-Dzhudi, my girls Kira and Klepa helped me to live through this bereavement... I used to cry a lot, but I had to pull myself together as I was pregnant at that time.

       I had to make a break from showing and rearing puppies, as my own daughter was born in January 19, 2001. Now she is 8 years already, she loves our dogs very much and says that she wants to be a doggy doctor just like her mom. And I have returned to the kennel world with the new expertise, having graduated from St. Petersburg State Academy of Veterinary Medicine. In September 2003 I registered a kennel (registration number 5613) which I named in the memory of Dzhudi "IZ YANTARNOJ STRANY" ("FROM AMBER COUNTRY"). This is how my kennel of this wonderful breed was born, and I believe that the name POODLE sounds proudly!


Chernova Olga wrote:

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